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This is a community collaborative effort to deliver game play videos of all your favorite games, PC gaming news, & Free PC Games for Steam. This isn’t meant to replace other gaming news sites. This is built to deliver news you care about and game play you want to watch. We will be actively posting free PC games for steam; We find them so you can Lootum! PC gaming is one of our biggest passions and we are trying to show that passion with our knowledge and insight into the PC gaming community.

Free PC Games for Steam

Very soon we will be having another contest to giveaway more games. This giveaway will be our way to welcome you to Lootum! Thanks again for visiting, don’t forget to go to the bottom of this page to subscribe to our newsletter, so you can stay up to date on all our articles, and receive updates on how to enter giveaways for free PC games for Steam. More news will be on the way about future features. Thank you for all the support so far.

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